The beautiful island of the famous mathematician Pythagoras and the astrophysicist Aristarchos with its long sandy beaches, clear blue waters, traditional settlements, the picturesque narrow streets, its beautiful paths ideal for an unforgettable holiday. Flooded with green, with vast vineyards, lush vegetation and spectacular sunsets, Ideal Island for summer excursions.

Samos is the eighth largest island in the country with an area of 474 sq. km. with longest 45 km. and larger width of 20 km.

It has large and lush hills, full of bays, coves and bays and beautiful beaches. This is an extremely prosperous island. Ideal for those who are in favor of natural life and beauty, the trails and beautiful locations are available for hiking and mountaineering. With ecological, historical island will satisfy even the most discerning guest.

To date, even the inhabitants of remote mountain villages remain excellent artisans with exceptional performance in areas ranging from pottery as shipbuilding. The production of the island's famous Samian wine and oil products that contribute to the good reputation of the island.

Administratively Samos prefecture with Ikaria and Fourni.



The most famous personality of Samos was the philosopher, mathematician Pythagoras also Aesop lived most of his life as a slave in Samos. In 1955 the city Tigani was renamed Pythagorean in honor of the philosopher Pythagoras.



Pythagorean, unique cultural gem of the Aegean, has been declared by UNESCO, as "World Cultural Heritage". Ireon great archaeological site of the island, which according to tradition was born and raised, the goddess Hera, the ruins of the temple of "Hera Imbrasia".



Photos of Samos Photos of Samos attractions. Photos villages and beach photos. Samos is an island in the Aegean Sea with beautiful beaches, despite the strong tourist industry, always beautiful with crystal clear blue waters, suitable for fishing and swimming. Pictures of hotels, restaurants, photos with beautiful sunsets.


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