The car is probably necessary since Samos is a large island that offers many places to visit. The roads are good. Of course there are buses but these only serve the popular destinations and there are many smaller places worth seeing someone. Excursions to beautiful beaches.

Samos is ideal for holidays. He has everything a holidaymaker wants to be satisfied. It is suitable for family holidays in the south leeward beaches with warm waters museums, open air cinema, antiquities, cheap and good food, cheap accommodation, holiday for new beaches in the north, with waves for surfing, secluded beaches, nightlife, places to hike. The island is beautiful and autumn.

How to go, by boat or plane.
Departs from Piraeus to Mykonos Island of Hellenic Seaways (T/210-41.99.000,
On the plane trip will be considerably shorter, lasting about 45 minutes or Olympic Air (T/801 801 0101) or Aegean (T/801 11 20000).
(Central Port of Piraeus,, T/210-42.26.000

Ships and Ferries to Samos - East Aegean.
Samos and generally the Eastern Aegean islands served by the ports of Piraeus and Rafina. On Samos you can also visit also visit the nearby Cycladic islands of Syros, Tinos, Mykonos, Andros etc...

On Samos still traveling ships from Rhodes, and basically all Dodecanese and East Aegean Islands via a third island. Your trip to Samos can be with a conventional ferry or High speed ferries, depending on the day and the company you travel.

Your trip to Samos if done Normal ferry takes about 7-9.30 hours while with High speed ferries 5.30-6.30 hours. This of course depends on how many islands in between the ferry will call.

Ferries from Piraeus - Samos is daily throughout the year and summer doubled or multiplied according to the period.

Useful Numbers
* Airport Samos: 22730 61219, 22730 87800, 22730 61222
* Port of Samos: 22730 27318, 22730 27890
* Port Pythagorion: 22730 61225
* Police Samos: 22730 87315
* Police Department Pythagorean: 22730 61100
* Police Station Kokkari: 22730 92202
* Tourist Police: 22730 87344
* Hospital of Samos: 22730 83100
* Practice Pythagorean: 22730 61111
* Practice Kokkari: 22730 92203
* Bus Samos: 22730 27262
* TAXI Samos: 22730 28404
* TAXI Kokkari: 22730 92585
* EXPRESS SERVICE: 22730 25158