The classic products of the island are wine and olive oil. The olive groves of Samos give excellent quality virgin olive oil with low acidity. I highly recommend the wines of the Cooperative. Very good quality and affordable prices.

Samos oil stands out for its velvety texture, aroma and unique flavor.

Wine is the most famous product of Samos, famous since antiquity, is of Muscat wine. The Muscat wine, Samos designation of origin, produced by the same name of the famous grape variety "small-berry Muscat of Samos White" has been honored with several gold awards and international prizes!!

You will find great pine and herbs. Honey is another wonderful product of Samos is the honey... Bees Harvest the flowers of many plants of the wild countryside of the island, such as thyme, mountain tea, pine, fir, chestnut, rosemary, agriolevanta, and peach, cherry, apple, lemon, almond. Besides the pure and delicious fragrant honey, beekeepers producing pollen, raw material for the cosmetics and pharmaceuticals industries and royal jelly coveted for the miraculous and beneficial properties.

Ouzo & Souma! Traditional drink of Samos is the Souma "raki Samos’ ...
It is an intensely fragrant and transparent raki, coming from marc from first distillation. Long story has traditional ouzo island produces ouzo with wonderful flavor and aroma.

From the pottery of the island to get the "Pythagorean Cup" or "Fair Koupa" and Mascara Kanati.

The first is a ceramic cup, that if the above fill than it has emptied itself. The second is a pitcher extended holes, some real, some false.